Signature Smile Design is a process that makes Palms Dental Care different. It is one way in which we set ourselves apart from other offices.

Our smile design process addresses all of a patient’s concerns and simplifies the decision-making process while at the same time incorporating cosmetic, restorative and functional considerations.

To illustrate, in many other dental offices, you will make an appointment, the doctor will see you for a couple minutes and then hand you a piece of paper with a price. You may leave with many questions, possibly confused and a little shocked. We find this to be the norm. Our Signature Smile Design process makes us different.

Here Is How It Works:

  • First, one of our amazing doctors will listen to you and your concerns and then perform an evaluation.
  • Second, with your concerns in mind, the doctor will present up to three different options to accomplish your goals.
  • Third, we will thoroughly explain every step of the plan, including maintenance, costs and what to expect at each visit.

The goal of our Signature Smile Design process is to gather as much information as possible in the first visit to be able to provide you with answers and a plan that fit your budget, wants and needs.

Once a Plan Is Developed, We Move Onto the Next Three Steps:

  • First, the doctor will collect a series of advanced records, including SLR photography, 3D model imaging, 3D X-rays and all necessary measurements to pre-plan your case. We plan with the end in mind and then work backwards to reach our goals. We do not guess here.
  • Second, you will have the big day where the mouth is transformed and you leave with a new smile. Depending on the treatment of choice, sometimes there is a healing or adaptation period.
  • Third, the final cosmetic, long-lasting restorations are made permanent in your mouth.

Common Questions: What Does All This Cost?

A: Great question! Not as much as you would think for what you will get. In fact, the first visit we call a consult, and it does not cost you anything. We are confident enough that once you visit us for the first time you will want us to help you with your needs. Patients’ wants, needs and budgets are all different. So once the doctor is able to speak with you and do his or her evaluation, we will be able to provide you with up to three options and talk about the costs of those in detail. Our doctors do these consultations on Mondays – Thursdays.

We really love what we do here, we take pride in our process, and we look forward to helping you with your dental care! Call our office at 561-801-1044 today to learn more about our Signature Smile Design in Lake Worth, Florida, and schedule a visit with our dentists.