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Will my Done In One restoration procedure look natural?

Done in One LogoAt Palms Dental Care, our dentists take the artistry of dentistry seriously and use the most esthetic materials possible. They also take into consideration your age, gender, hair color, and facial structure in order to create a smile that looks like you were born with it – only better! Before we create your final restorations, we will take time to discuss your goals for your smile. If you are having all of your upper and lower teeth replaced with Done In One, we will have the freedom to create a whole new look, if that’s what you would like. Many patients choose teeth that look more uniform, whiter, and longer because our teeth often wear down with age.

Natural-Looking Restorations

If you are only having your upper or lower teeth replaced with Done In One, we will match your new teeth to your natural teeth, so nothing looks fake or out of place. Our goal is always a natural look that gives you confidence. During your consultation, and throughout the treatment process, we will incorporate your goals for your appearance and provide advice regarding what will look most natural for you. Our patients love the results they get with Done In One and tell us about all of the compliments they receive one their treatment is complete.

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