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Do dental extractions hurt?

Because you are undergoing a surgical procedure, some post-treatment discomfort is common. Most often, patients report it as mild and can treat it with an over-the-counter pain medication until it heals and feels comfortable again.

The procedure itself will not be painful because we will ensure that your tooth and the surrounding area are completely numb before we begin. We prioritize patient comfort, making extractions a stress-free experience.

How to Support Proper Healing

Avoid smoking – The suction from smoking a cigarette can dislodge the healing tissue inside the surgical site, causing a painful dry socket. Laving the healing tissue undisturbed will help you heal faster and more comfortably. The same goes for drinking through a straw – ditch it until your mouth heals.

Be gentle – Avoid chewing directly on your surgical site, which will feel tender for a few days t a week. Fortunately, the mouth heals quickly and you can avoid complications by keeping the area clean. Instead of brushing it directly with your toothbrush, rinse your mouth gently with lukewarm water. This will remove any food particles that might disrupt healing or cause an infection.

Our Lake Worth dental team is here to make sure you have all the information you need about extractions an how to maintain a healthy smile.

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