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What does the Done In One™ procedure entail?

When patients are facing full extraction on the upper or lower arch, it is time to discuss how we will replace missing teeth in order for them to eat the foods they need to stay healthy. While many options exist, many of our patients are turning to Done In One Permanent Implant Teeth in 48 Hours for a fast, reliable solution.

Done In One Procedure

The Done In One procedure requires precise planning. We will take either a panoramic x-ray or 3-D images of the teeth using CBCT technology. This allows us to evaluate the bone and determine the precise location to place dental implants.

Impressions and models of the teeth will assist us in determining the ideal location for implants to properly distribute the load from chewing and to ensure the greatest stability.

When we extract the teeth, we will insert 5-6 dental implants per arch during the same appointment. Healing caps will cover the dental implants for the next 48 hours as your mouth begins to heal. You can leave with a temporary smile to hold you over if you wish.

In just two days, you can return, and your new teeth will be secured in place. This is the final step of treatment, but we will want to follow up with you at regular intervals to make sure your Done In One smile is functioning optimally.

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