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What happens if I choose not to replace an extracted tooth?

If you are facing dental extractions in our Lake Worth dental office, the future of your smile comes into question. A gap left behind by an extracted tooth is not just a matter of vanity. A gap in your smile can lead to a number of oral health concerns, which is why Dr. Kromrey and our team recommend replacing a missing tooth as quickly as possible after an extraction.

Reasons for Tooth Replacement

Misalignment and bite issues – A gap in your smile is similar to pulling a book out of the center of a bookshelf. The remaining books will tip toward the empty space. Teeth are the same way, only tipping or tilted teeth can cause your bite to become misaligned and lead to wear, periodontal disease, sensitivity, and jaw disorders.

Bone loss – The root of your tooth stimulates the underlying bone, keeping it healthy. After an extraction, your jawbone may begin to deteriorate and shrink away. This can lead to additional tooth loss and changes to the shape of your face. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that replaces the root of the tooth and preserves bone.

For more information about dental extractions in Lake Worth, FL, give Palms Dental Care a call. We also offer a variety of ways to complete your smile.

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