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Do wisdom teeth always require extractions?

With the development of smaller jaws in humans due to a modern diet, less space is available to accommodate third molars, or wisdom teeth, as they are also commonly called. With inadequate space, wisdom teeth often become painful or impacted, which means they are unable to erupt fully. Impacted wisdom teeth may exert pressure on adjacent teeth and sometimes develop an infection – both painful conditions.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Most people will opt to have wisdom teeth extracted, especially when they cause painful symptoms. If wisdom teeth emerge fully and do not cause overcrowding or disrupt the bite, they do not necessarily require extractions. Some patients still choose to remove them, as they are particularly difficult to keep clean due to their location at the very back of the mouth.

As part of the comprehensive dental care we provide, we evaluate wisdom teeth in teens and young adults using digital x-rays and a bite and jaw analysis. We will make a recommendation based on the information we gather and your symptoms. If you do require extractions of wisdom teeth, we provide comfortable extractions in our Lake Worth dental office.

If you have painful wisdom teeth or want to find out if dental extractions will benefit you, contact us to arrange an appointment.

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