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Are Implants right for you?

So how would you know if implants are right for you
And there’s really a number of things to consider and one of them is, are you okay with something removable that you take in and out; take it out at night or do you want something that’s fixed, that never comes out and is natural like a tooth. The other one is are you a candidate for implants and not everybody is. And you can do things sometimes and go through a lot of steps to try to make yourself a candidate and it’s possible in many situations and sometimes isn’t worth it. So, it’s really, half of it is, are you a good candidate for it and the other half is, how much value do you place on having a natural secured tooth in your mouth.

The process for getting an implant is first obviously an evaluation, an assessment of your health, and the bone support of where the implant will be placed. The once we figure that out, let’s say you're good to go health wise then we actually have the surgery where the implant is placed in your jaw and it’s allowed to heal and generally for about a minimum is two in a half months in certain locations. Anywhere up to 6 months if it’s need and after that time we take an impression of the implant and we make a tooth on it.

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