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How much does a dental implant cost?


Illustration of tooth sitting on top of money | Dentist Lake Worth FLFirst, are there any extra procedures required to properly place the implant? For example, when a tooth is removed from the mouth, sometimes there is not enough jaw bone in the area to place the implant post, or maybe the bone is too soft in this area. (Think about trying to place a signpost in sugar sand). In this case, new dense bone may need to be added and allowed to integrate in order to create a solid foundation for the post. This is called bone grafting. This is an extra procedure that can add to the cost. This is something that requires an evaluation and x-ray to determine.

Parts of a Dental Implant

Second, is it just the implant post that we want to know the cost of? A final implant tooth has 3 parts; (1) The post that goes in the bone (2) The connector piece called an abutment (3) The crown- the part that you will see when you look in the mouth. When asking about the cost of the implant, make sure you ask if that includes the post, abutment and the crown. Many times, when asked how much an implant costs, the answer will only include the post that goes into the bone.

Dental Insurance

Third, do you have dental insurance? Some insurance companies have implant coverage for implants and/or abutments. They all have different fees depending on the plan. For example, Cigna may provide different coverage than Delta Dental or United Health Care. This information needs to be gathered from your insurance company. If you do not have insurance, then it depends on the office fee. Palms Dental Care provides these services at a cost that is similar to if you had insurance in order to make it affordable to more people.

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All these factors need to be considered to determine the cost of treatment. Palms Dental Care offers complimentary evaluations, including any needed x-rays, to give you the cost of treatment. We do not want the expense of an evaluation to keep you from becoming healthier. Call us if you would like a free evaluation! (561)801-1044

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