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Why do I need more than two dental cleanings a year?

For most of our healthy patients, two dental cleanings per year will be enough to keep their oral health on track. In some cases, however, we recommend more frequent dental cleanings in our Lake Worth dental office to protect our patients’ oral health and smiles.

Oral Health Issues

Pregnancy gingivitis – Did you know that hormone fluctuations can have an impact on the health of your gums? Many expecting mothers who have excellent oral health may suddenly find themselves with red, swollen gums. More frequent visits to the dentist will protect both mom and baby during this exciting time.

Periodontal disease – If you recently had a deep cleaning, bacteria are more likely to invade gum pockets again, especially right after your treatment. Having 3-4 dental cleanings per year will help gums heal and keep you on the track to good oral health.

Changes in medical conditions – Medical conditions, such as diabetes, can have an impact on gum health. Some medications cause dry mouth, which makes gum disease more likely to develop. If you have had a change in your medical history and you notice your gums are inflamed, we can see you for a dental cleaning in our Lake Worth dental office on a more regular basis.

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