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It’s normal for gums to bleed occasionally, right?

Bleeding of the gums always indicates a problem. We recommend you contact our Lake Worth dental office to schedule an appointment.

Once in a while, something may become lodged in the gums and cause bleeding. Common culprits include popcorn hulls, seeds, and nuts. Bleeding will stop once you floss and brush the foreign object away and the gum tissue has a chance to heal.

Chronic bleeding of the gums typically indicated the presence of a gum infection or periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition that research has linked to heart disease, diabetes, and other serious illnesses. Treating an infection in the gums can improve your overall health and wellness.

Our hygienists are skilled at identifying gum conditions and to working closely with our patient to develop improved oral hygiene habits. We always provide customized dental cleanings in our Lake Worth dental office. No two patients are alike and oral health often changes throughout the course of a lifetime.

We encourage you to talk to one of our gentle and caring hygienists to determine the type of dental cleaning that will help you stay healthy and comfortable. Don’t worry if it has been a while since your last dental cleaning; we will help you get back on track.

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