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What causes gum recession?

You might not notice that your gums are receding unless you get a painful zing when biting into something cold. Sensitivity is common when gum recession is present and can make it difficult to eat cold fruit, ice cream, or to drink cold beverages.

If you look at your teeth and notice that the gums are pulling away and exposing the roots, you might have gum recession. This occurs for a number of reasons.

Bruxism – Constant clenching and grinding of the teeth can cause gums to recede due to continued trauma. Bruxism is common and can usually be addressed with the use of a nightguard.

Malocclusion – Occlusion refers to how your teeth come together and the quality of your bite. Malocclusion means that teeth do not come together correctly, which can lead to a number of oral health issues such as gum recession, fractured teeth, and jaw dysfunction. Balancing the bite will often resolve the issue. You cannot regrow healthy gum tissue on your own, but you can stop gum recession with a healthy bite.

Periodontal disease – An infection in the gums eats away at healthy tissue and causes pockets to form between the teeth and gums. Gum disease also impacts your overall health. We treat periodontal disease here in our Lake Worth, FL dental office.

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