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What do the numbers mean during my dental cleaning?

Our hygienists are highly skilled and assist our dentists with the accurate diagnosis of gum disease. The numbers you hear during your dental cleaning are measurements of the pocket depths between your teeth and gums. 

Healthy gums are tight against teeth. They are also a healthy, pink color, and do not look inflamed. As gum disease develops, the gum tissue begins to pull away from the tooth, making it possible for even more bacteria to collect. This is the beginning of a vicious cycle leading to advanced periodontal disease.

Numbers like one, two, and three are all healthy numbers and mean that the gums are still healthy and pockets are not dangerously deep. Numbers of four and above indicate gum disease with increasing severity.

Pocket measurements are not the only indication of an infection. We also track bleeding points that develop during your exam. Healthy gums will not bleed during flossing or probing and the presence of blood indicates at least the beginning stages of gum disease.

Our hygienist will go over your findings when you have your next dental cleaning in our Lake Fort Worth dental office. Give us a call to schedule and leave our practice with a fresh, clean smile.

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