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Should I replace my metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings?

If you have cosmetic concerns about the appearance of metal fillings, such as dark-looking teeth, breakdown, or you simply want to have all metal components removed from your dentistry, we will provide you with tooth-colored fillings in our Lake Worth dental office as an alternative.

Amalgam Fillings

It is important to remember that some large metal fillings may require a dental crown instead of a tooth-colored filling in order to adequately support the tooth structure. Amalgam fillings were often used for more substantial fillings in the past. Removing the metal completely may result in insufficient tooth structure to be supported with a composite filling.

Dental Bonding 

If you have small chips on the teeth, or dislike the shape of a tooth, dental bonding using tooth-colored filling material is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that can easily be completed in a single visit.

Tooth-Colored Restorations

Many patients with metal sensitivities prefer dentistry without metal components. Fortunately, white fillings and porcelain dental crowns can restore the health and strength of the tooth without leaving a mark on the smile.

The best way to learn about the cosmetic dentistry options and tooth-colored fillings is to contact Palms Dental Care to book an appointment to speak with Dr. Kyle Kromrey. His many years of experience will give you the results you always wanted.

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