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How do I care for my Done In One™?

Following your procedure, our cosmetic dental team will provide comprehensive instructions on how you should care for your Done In OneTM. It is important to follow these instructions to keep your new smile viable and beautiful.

Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Done In OneTM, is an innovative cosmetic makeover performed right here in our Lake Worth, FL dental office, a makeover that is attracting patients from around the world.

With this procedure, you go from failing or missing teeth to a brand new smile in two short days. The technique relies on dental implant posts supporting a permanent bridge of beautiful artificial teeth.

This is not only an aesthetic procedure but also a means of restoring function. In other words, your Done In OneTM is a permanent solution to eating issues, too.

How to Care for Your Done In One Treatment

Caring for your new smile involves daily cleaning, which may include:

  • Brushing
  • Super Floss (or a floss thread)
  • Interdental brush

Regular cleaning and visiting our dentist will help ensure that your Done In OneTM remains viable and functional. It’s important to remember that gum abscesses are still possible following tooth removal and implant placement. Good oral hygiene is essential.

Our cosmetic team will give you care instructions for your Done In OneTM, and they are always available to answer any oral care questions that you may have.

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