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Are dentures right for me?

If your bite has been struggling due to missing, damaged, or mobile teeth, it may be time to consider dentures

Missing Tooth Replacement Option

Although dentures are not a good treatment option for every person, we have found that the majority of patients who have lost many of their natural teeth can benefit from wearing either partial or full dentures. While perhaps a stigma that dentures are only for the elderly once existed, patients of all ages who have lost teeth are potentially eligible for dentures. 

Types of Dentures

If you are considering dentures, Dr. Kromrey or one of our other skilled providers would first perform a full oral exam during a consultation. Dentures are typically a viable treatment option for patients who are non-smokers who have relatively healthy remaining teeth and gums. If your dentures will be anchored in with implants, it is also important that you have strong, dense jawbone. If you smoke, grind your teeth, have poor oral hygiene, or an overactive gag reflex, dentures may not be a good fit for you.  

Every mouth is different, which is why we believe every patient deserves a unique treatment plan that is personalized to their lives. Palms Dental Care can help with all of your denture needs. Schedule an appointment with our Lake Worth dental office today! 

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