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What are my options if I am losing all of my teeth?

People who are faced with losing their teeth, usually due to gum disease and/or decay, generally have three options.Dentures | Dentist Lake Worth FL


First would be conventional dentures. Pros: they are fast and cost the least. Cons: They are removable, are held in by suction, cover the roof of the mouth, must be taken out after eating and at night for cleaning.

Snap-In dentures

The second option would be snap-in dentures (technically called over-dentures). Implants are placed and the dentures snap into these. Pros: they do not fall out or move around when speaking and eating (you do not have to worry about them coming loose when sneezing, etc.). Cons: they are still removable and need to be taken out after eating and at night.

Done In One Treatment

The third option would be Done In One™ (technically called a fixed hybrid). Implants are placed and permanent fixed teeth are screwed into the implants. Pros: Closest option we have to having natural teeth again. Your confidence will be completely restored, you never have to take them out, highly esthetic, teeth placed within 24 hours. Cons: none.

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