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Does dental implant surgery hurt?

When recommending treatment for many of our patients, the first concern is often that it will be painful. Fortunately, with modern dental anesthetic techniques, dental treatments can actually feel painless. While dental implant placement is actually a surgery, most patients tolerate it quite well and heal without any complications. 

Dental Vibe | Dentist Lake Worth FLDetalVibe Technology

We start helping you become comfortable by applying a topical anesthetic to your gums and cheek. We then use an innovative numbing device called a DentalVibe, which administers numbing medication so discreetly and effectively, it essentially removes the pain from the numbing process.

Healing After a Dental Implant

Because the area where dental implants are placed does not have many pain-detecting nerves, many patients say it doesn’t hurt at all, especially when you have healthy tissue. The gums heal quickly as long as recommendations are followed – like avoiding tobacco use and keeping the area clean.

Some soreness may occur post-treatment as your body’s natural healing process takes over. Discomfort can be effectively managed with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications, which also address inflammation.

Dental implants are well worth the time in the dental office and the time it takes to heal because they provide such a positive long-term solution to tooth loss.

If you are ready to eat the foods you love and feel great about your smile, contact our Lake Worth, FL dental office to learn more about dental implants.

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