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What is a prophylaxis?

Simply put, a prophylaxis is a dental cleaning that involves scaling and polishing teeth surfaces at the above the gumline. We customize our dental cleanings at our Lake Worth dental office so that your teeth and gums remain healthy and always provide gentle dental cleanings, making it easier for patients to stay on track with their appointments.

Dental Technology

Using a handheld precision instrument or an ultrasonic scaler, we remove all traces of plaque and tartar. Polishing the teeth with a rotating polisher removes surface stains and any microscopic tartar that remains.

When you leave our Lake Worth dental office, your teeth will feel smooth and look brighter. You can smile with confidence and rest assured that you are all set until your next dental cleaning.

Deeper Dental Cleaning

If teeth have a significant amount of tartar, a deeper dental cleaning may be required. Called scaling and root planing (SRP), deep dental cleanings remove tartar below the gumline. Often, anesthetic is used for a pain-free experience.

While most healthy patients can remain healthy with twice-yearly dental cleanings, some patients choose more frequent cleanings, especially if they have a history of gum disease.

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