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Why do I need a dental cleaning if I brush and floss my teeth?

We hear this question about dental cleanings regularly in our Lake Worth dental office, and our hygiene team can show you, in addition to explaining, why having regular dental cleanings is essential to healthy teeth and gums.

Think of those times you have a meal at lunch, and by the time you are driving home from work at the end of the day, you can feel the rough buildup that forms on teeth throughout the day. That sticky substance is called plaque, which is a mixture of saliva, food particle, and bacteria. It forms quickly on teeth, and when you don’t brush your teeth immediately, it can begin to harden into a substance called tartar.

Tarter Can Buildup Without Dental Cleanings

Tartar, or calculus, is impossible to remove with a toothbrush or floss. It is for this reason that regular dental cleanings are essential. Even those patients most dedicated to oral hygiene will eventually develop tartar. When it collects near the gums, it contributes to gum disease.

Experienced Hygienists

Hygienists are professionally trained and use the proper instruments to remove tartar and keep the teeth and gums healthy. We advise staying away from over-the-counter teeth cleaning kits or any DIY attempts at a dental cleaning.

If you are past due for your dental cleaning, contact our Lake Worth dental office to book an appointment.

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