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What is involved in a dental cleaning?

Just like you are unique, your dental cleaning at our Lake Worth dental office will also be unique because it depends on your needs.

Importance of Dental Cleanings

For patients who are young, have had minimal dental treatment, or who take exceptional care of their teeth each day, twice-yearly dental cleanings will likely be enough. Called a prophylaxsis, or prophy, this type of dental cleaning consists of removing tartar from teeth, polishing them, and a periodontal evaluation. To remove tartar from teeth, either precision manual instruments or an ultrasonic handpiece will remove any build-up from your teeth and just below the gums.

Periodontal Treatment

For patients with some catching up to do, the dental cleaning is similar but may take a little longer. If you have active periodontal disease with pocketing between the teeth and gums, antibiotic medication or rinses can assist with healing.

Until your infection is under control, we may recommend that you have more frequent dental cleanings in our Lake Worth dental office to monitor healing and keep tartar build-up under control. This reduces inflammation and promotes healing when combined with improved home care.

Don’t be shy about calling Palms Dental Care, even if it’s been too long since your last dental cleaning. We are here to help you get your healthy smile back!

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