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What are the benefits of dental bridges?

When tooth loss occurs, we strive to help patients achieve their goals for their smiles, which is why we are considered a top dentist in Lake Worth. If you would prefer a dental bridge over a dental implant, we are not here to promote one service over another but to help you feel great about the way you look and enjoy the foods you love.

Dental bridges have a number of notable benefits.

Dental Bridges Do Not Move

Unlike partial dentures, dental bridges are permanently attached to healthy adjacent teeth and will not move when you eat, laugh, or smile.

Dental Bridges Keep Teeth from Moving

Tooth loss leaves a gap in the smile, and your remaining teeth will tend to shift toward the gap unless something keeps them stable. Dental bridges have two crowns holding an artificial tooth in place. Think of it like two bookends keeping teeth from moving.

Dental Bridges Look Natural

At Palms Dental Care, we create tooth-colored bridges to match your smile. No one wants a mismatched smile!

Choosing a top dentist in Lake Worth can improve your results. We look forward to helping you find the tooth replacement options that will work best for your goals and your budget.

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