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How do dental bridges work?

Dental bridges “bridge the gap” in your smile with the use of three (or more) lifelike dental crowns.

Some patients want an alternative to dental implants because they have a medical condition that prevents them from oral surgery or because they simply want a different option. Dental bridges have been around for many decades and they fill in the space left behind by a missing tooth.

Custom Dental Bridges

When Dr. Kromrey designs dental bridges in our Lake Worth dental office, he does so with both esthetics and durability in mind. We use ultra-strong porcelain crowns to suspend an artificial tooth in place. That means placing dental crowns on two healthy teeth and is one of the drawbacks of dental bridges. They still remain a great alternative, however, because they act as a space holder to keep your healthy teeth from shifting. This protects your bite and the shape of your smile.

You don’t have to feel concerned about someone noticing your dental bridge because Dr. Kromrey will match it to your other teeth.

Dental bridges require some special care to keep them free of plaque, bacteria, and food. This is essential to avoid gum disease. We can recommend products and techniques to make this an easy part of your routine.

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