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Why do I need a crown after my root canal?

Part of root canal therapy involves removing the nerve and tissue inside the canal of your tooth. Don’t worry! Dr. Kyle Kromrey does this gently and always makes sure your tooth is completely numb throughout your procedure. Any top dentist in Lake Worth will tell you the pain from a root canal actually comes from the infection – not the treatment. You will likely feel dramatic relief shortly after your treatment, though slight sensitivity is normal for a few days.

Dental Crowns in Lake Worth

Because the tooth lacks a nerve and blood supply, it becomes brittle and could break more easily just from day-to-day use. A dental crown completely covers the tooth and provides added support unavailable with a simple dental filling. Dental crowns come in tooth-colored options that will blend in with your smile seamlessly.

When properly treated, a root canal tooth can still have many years supporting a healthy and confident smile. We strive to protect and preserve your natural teeth whenever possible because saving your own teeth is usually less expensive and complex than replacing it.

For gentle root canal treatment in Lake Worth, FL, contact us! Dr. Kyle Kromrey is experienced and has a gentle approach to dentistry.

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