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How do I take care of a dental bridge?

Dental bridges require some extra care to keep your teeth and gums healthy. A dental bridge needs two dental crowns on adjacent teeth to anchor an artificial tooth in place.

How to Care for Your Bridge

When we place dental bridges in our Lake Worth, FL dental office, we will always go over the best way to care for your new dentistry. Here are a few things to remember to keep your mouth healthy and to get the most out of your investment in your dentistry.

Brush and Floss Regularly 

Your bridge will not decay, but your surrounding teeth can. Your teeth that secure the crown in place can still develop decay at the margins, and so can the surrounding teeth. Brushing your teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste and flossing each day will keep teeth (and gums) in tiptop shape.

Special Tools to Care for Bridge

Bridges require some special tools. Floss threaders and small brushes will make it easier to floss around your bridge. If you need a demonstration, let us know! Our hygienists are knowledgeable and always happy to talk flossing with our patients.

What Foods to Avoid

Avoid sticky and hard foods. Peanut brittle, hard nuts, and stray fruit pits can damage your bridge. It’s best to avoid chewing anything too hard. Your bridge is strong, and some common sense caution is all that is required to protect it.

If you have a missing tooth and want to learn if a bridge is right for you, contact our Lake Worth, FL dental office to make an appointment.

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