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Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

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When approaching any type of dental care, including cosmetic services, Dr. Kyle Kromrey provides a comprehensive oral exam to ensure that patients are in good oral health. While some patients may experience side effects, such as teeth sensitivity, if your teeth and gums are healthy, teeth whitening should be safe for you.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Professional teeth whitening and over-the-counter products typically use peroxide formulas to whiten teeth. Some over-the-counter products also use abrasives, which can damage enamel and cause sensitive teeth. Teeth whitening is always safer and more effective under the supervision of an experienced dentist, like Dr. Kromrey.

The peroxide formula, used by most major brands, bleaches away stains from the teeth. Typically, we recommend starting off with two weeks of whitening with your custom at-home system to really jumpstart the process. You can always opt for additional treatments.

For patients who want a faster result, we offer in-office teeth whitening in our Lake Worth, FL dental office. After an hour in the dental chair, you will notice a significant improvement and can take home custom trays to continue the process.

Is it Bad if My Teeth Feel Sensitive after Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening gel penetrates the microscopic pores in your teeth. Because of this some sensitivity may occur. In most cases, it will resolve within a day or two and ibuprofen or other pain relievers can help. While it is not dangerous, it can feel really uncomfortable. If you experience this side effect, contact us and we can help.

We recommend taking a day off in between treatments for patients who have sensitivity. We can also recommend a desensitizer or provide a fluoride treatment, which helps reduce painful sensitivity.

Another common issue is when patients use too much whitening gel with their whitening trays. Gel can seep out of the tray and irritate your gums. Only a small dot is necessary to get the job done.

Your Smile Is Important to Us

Our entire team at Palms Dental Care is here to help you achieve your goals for your smile. If you experience issues while whitening your teeth, we are here to help. Nearly every problem has a solution and we will help you achieve a whiter smile, comfortably.

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