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3 Signs That You Might Need a Root Canal

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Few procedures are more dreaded than root canal treatment. You will be happy to know that we can perform this tooth-saving procedure comfortably right here in our Lake Worth, FL dental office.

You Have Pain and Swelling

Pain, pressure, and swelling often indicate an infection. Swelling can occur on the gums near the tooth, in the jaw, or even in the face. Often it feels worse when you lie down or first wake up in the morning. In some rare instances, a severely infected tooth can actually be life-threatening.

It’s best to contact Palms Dental Care at the first sign of a problem so that we can get you feeling healthy again.

Your Tooth Looks Discolored

Discoloration of a tooth often occurs after trauma. Bumping a tooth or having an auto or sports-related injury can deaden the tooth by damaging the nerve. Once the tooth no longer has active blood flow, it may darken.

The good news is that your tooth is still there, and as long as the tooth does not break beneath the gums, we can place a restoration on it to improve the color and add stability.

You Have Untreated Decay

Did a dentist tell you that you have a cavity, but you put off treatment? Decay does not heal on its own, and once it comes into contact with the nerve, the interior of your tooth can become infected.

The only way to eliminate painful symptoms without an extraction is with root canal therapy, which removes the diseased tissue inside the canal and allows your tooth to heal. Saving your natural tooth is usually the least complex way to protect your smile. If you do require an extraction, however, we have plenty of teeth-replacement options to choose from to complete your smile and protect your health.

If you think you might need a root canal, contact our Lake Worth, FL dental office to schedule an appointment.

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