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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Fear Root Canal Therapy

Diagram of Root Canal Procedure | Dentist Lake Worth, FL

When considering root canal therapy, choosing a top Lake Worth dentist can make the entire process much more comfortable, efficient, and successful, which is why we invite dental emergencies, especially for patients experience tooth pain.

While most people prefer to avoid root canal therapy, it might be due to an outdated idea that root canal treatment is painful, lengthy, or experimental. Modern root canals are relatively routine procedures and should feel similar to a standard filling.

Here are three reasons to eliminate worry over root canals.

#1 Root Canals Do Not Need to Be Painful

We use modern anesthetic application in the proper dose to ensure you will feel comfortable throughout your procedure. State-of-the-art rotary instruments speed up the process so that you don’t spend as long in the chair, but you can expect a positive outcome.

#2 Modern Root Canal Therapy Is More Successful

Because of advancements in techniques and technology, root canals are far more successful than ever before. We thoroughly clean the infected tooth and allow time to heal before placing a final restoration to protect the tooth. 

Because of this, the chances of reinfection are minimal and are often predictable. We will discuss the risks and benefits based on your unique needs.

#3 Root Canal Therapy Saves Teeth

Often, the only alternative to root canal therapy is a dental extraction. While we offer a number of tooth-replacement options, saving natural teeth is often preferred because it is less invasive and less costly than replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant or bridge.

Pain subsides quickly after root canal treatment and will give you much-needed relief from symptoms such as a toothache, swelling, and sensitivity.

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