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3 Ways to Find a Top Dentist in Lake Worth

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If you are new to the area and want a top dentist in Lake Worth, it can be tough to know where to begin. Having a dentist that meets the needs of your family is extremely important because your dental team is an essential part of your healthcare regimen.

Here are a few tips to help you narrow down a top dentist in Lake Worth.

#1 Are You Looking for A Private Practice?

It seems like corporate dental offices are popping up on every corner, but of developing a relationship with your dentist is important to you, searching for a privately owned dental practice is a good idea. Private practices are not limited by corporate restrictions or required to treat as many patients as possible.

At Palms Dental Care, we can spend plenty of time with you, answering your questions and ensuring you are comfortable.

#2 Do They Offer Advanced Treatments?

General dentistry is an important part of your oral health routine, but what if you need a root canal treatment or an extraction at some point during your lifetime It can feel intimidating to go to a specialist when you have spent so much time developing a relationship with your regular dentist.

At Palms Dental Care, we offer extractions, root canal therapy, and Done in One™ tooth-replacement treatments without the need for a referral to a specialist. 

#3 Does the Practice Work with Your Dental Insurance?

At Palms Dental Care, we know that our patients work hard for their dental benefits, which is why we will maximize them whenever possible. Our helpful team takes the hassle out of submitting dental claims and supporting documentation by doing it for you. We will also give you a written estimate before we begin any treatment and also have patient financing plans available.

Look no further for your top dentist in Lake Worth, we always welcome new patients and can’t wait to see you in the practice.

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