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How Properly Fitting Dentures Protect Your Oral Health

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When you make an investment, it is nice to have a guarantee that your purchase will pay off. The same is true for dentistry and one of the most common ways to replace teeth – dentures. If you spend money on your new dentures and grow accustomed to eating the foods you love, you might wonder how long you can expect them to last.

Dentures last a long time, but not forever. Some people can have the same set of dentures for 5-8 years, which is what we hope for when designing your smile. Some factors can affect denture fit and may decrease their usefulness over time.

Factors That Can Affect Denture Fit

Changes in weight – If you lose or gain weight, you might find yourself with painful denture sores or loose, mobile dentures that will not stay put. In some cases, we can adjust or reline your dentures for a better fit, but it is best to maintain a stable weight to ensure a good fit for longer.

Changes in bone quality – When you lose teeth, the underlying bone begins to deteriorate because the roots from your teeth are no longer present to stimulate healthy bone. If this occurs and denture fit becomes a problem, you may opt for implant-retained dentures or TeethXpress to anchor them in place.

Damage from dropping – Dropping your dentures may cause a fracture, even if it doesn’t break completely. Cracks, scratches, and wear all open your denture to bacteria growth, which can cause bad breath. Bring your denture to each of your dental appointments for our team to inspect. If we see damage or if you need an adjustment, we can make recommendations to help you prolong the life of your dentures.

Dentures in Lake Worth FL

For more information about teeth-replacement with dentures, we welcome you to call to make an appointment. Maintaining a healthy diet is imperative to good oral health and dentures that fit properly make eating the foods you love easier.

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