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Why Are Dental Implants So Popular?

Dental Implants in Lake Worth FL

If you have watched television or listened to the radio lately, you have probably heard about dental implants for replacing missing teeth. Of course, this information becomes infinitely more important if you are suddenly facing tooth loss or have scheduled a dental extraction.

It’s no secret that missing teeth can be embarrassing, but losing a tooth causes a negative chain reaction with your oral health as well. At Palms Dental Care, we usually recommend that patients replace missing teeth to protect the future of their smiles.

Dental Implants – A Practical Choice

We offer implants, bridges, partial dentures, and complete dentures to replace missing teeth. Implants provide a few standout benefits over other choices:

Implants Prevent Bone Resorption

When you lose a tooth, the surrounding bone begins to deteriorate and gradually fade away because it is not longer needed to support that tooth. When this occurs, it can destabilize your other teeth and cause them to tilt, shift, or even cause continuing tooth loss. Multiple missing teeth can also cause your facial structure to look sunken or aged.

Dental Implants Do Not Move or Shift

Nothing is more embarrassing than having lunch with friends and your dentures come loose while you’re chewing or talking. Dental implants actually fuse with your natural bone, eliminating that worry. We can use dental implants to secure both bridges and dentures, so you never have to worry again.

A Long-Term Treatment Option

Even the best dentures don’t last forever. Changes in bone density, weight loss or gain, and changes in your health may require the replacement of your dentures every 5-7 years or sooner. Dental implants are not subject to the same fluctuations in your health and as long as your gums and bone stay healthy, your dental implant could last for decades with minimal adjustments and maintenance.

If you want to find out if dental implants are right for you, we welcome you to call our Lake Worth, FL dental office and request a dental implant consultation or just to learn more!

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