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What Benefits Do Dental Implants Offer?

Dental Implants Lake Worth FL

Missing teeth pose a big problem for many people. Up until a few decades ago, we replaced missing teeth with either a dental bridge or a partial denture. While these two options filled the gap left behind by a missing tooth, neither one of them could stop the physical repercussions of a missing tooth.

Bone Loss, Called Resorption

The teeth and jawbone have a mutually beneficial relationship. The jawbone secures the root of the tooth in place while the tooth’s root stimulates bone stability. 

When you lose a tooth, the bone that once held it in place begins to dissolve, recede, or resorb. Essentially, it is no longer needed to secure the tooth, so it deteriorates.

This can result in changes to the facial appearance. You might start looking aged or have a sunken look. It also destabilizes the adjacent teeth because bone density decreases. This can lead to tipping or tilting of teeth that negatively impacts the bite.

How Dental Implants Solve the Problem

Dental implants replace missing teeth – not just the crown, but also the root. Dental implant posts, most often made of titanium, are a biocompatible metal that fuses with your natural bone, preventing resorption.

Just like your natural tooth, dental implant posts stimulate the bone and keep it stable. The dental implant also holds the adjacent teeth in place, preventing shifting.

A Smile That Lasts

Both dentures and bridges are a great solution for missing teeth, but they lack the longevity of dental implants. Once the dental implant post fuses to your bone, it becomes part of your body. Barring any disease, specifically periodontal disease, your dental implant can last a lifetime. 

While the crown is still susceptible to damage, just like a natural tooth, the crown can be replaced if damage occurs. Dental implants require minimal maintenance and taking care of them is easy. Treat them like your natural teeth, brush and floss, and have regular dental exams and you could potentially have your dental implant forever.

If you grind your teeth or clench your jaw, you will need to wear a nightguard. Grinding your teeth can cause implants to absorb too much force.

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