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Broken Tooth? Problem Solved!

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You are enjoying a relatively soft snack, like a burrito or a bagel and suddenly, you notice that part of your tooth has broken off. You might find it in your mouth, or you may have already swallowed it. What made this happen? Especially with something soft like a bagel or a piece of bread?

Fractures Can Exist Long before Your Tooth Breaks

A small fracture may develop in your tooth, but the tooth stays intact until it can no longer withstand the force from chewing. Then a part of the tooth breaks away leaving a jagged edge to irritate your tongue. It may hurt, but if the break doesn’t affect the nerve, it might feel sharp, but comfortable.

In other words, the bagel didn’t break your tooth. It was already fractured. If you have a broken tooth, contact our Lake Fort Worth dental office for guidance.

How Do Teeth Fracture?

As we age, and with years of chewing, tooth fractures can form just because of eating every day. Most often, however, fractured teeth mean a nighttime habit of clenching and grinding, also called bruxism.

In addition to fracturing teeth, teeth grinding causes premature wear and jaw pain. We examine each patient for the signs of bruxism during our comprehensive exams. A protective nightguard can minimize the damage to your teeth caused by grinding them during sleep.

You might also fracture a tooth by biting into a hidden olive pit or fruit stone.

How Do I Fix a Broken Tooth?

As long as enough tooth structure remains, we can place a cap, or crown, on the tooth to protect it and keep out bacteria. If the tooth is broken at the gumline, extracting it will keep it from becoming infected.

We can often place a dental implant during the extraction procedure. This will save you from multiple surgeries and another trip to our Lake Fort Worth dental office.

While broken teeth can be alarming, you can count on Palms Dental Care to solve the problem with a solution that works for you.

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