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3 Practical Reasons for Dental Crowns

Diagram of Dental Crown Procedure | Dentist Lake Worth FL

Dental crowns are a standard, tooth-saving procedure in our Lake Worth dental office, but many patients are not aware of how versatile they are and the many solutions they provide when it comes to dentistry.

Here are three ways we use dental crowns at Palms Dental Care.

Repair Decayed and Broken Teeth

Perhaps the most common use, dental crowns repair and stabilize teeth after the structure has been compromised. When too much of the enamel covering teeth is destroyed or decayed, regular chewing may cause a painful breakdown or fractures in an unhealthy tooth. The result may lead to an extraction; something we try to avoid.

Dental crowns cover the entire tooth structure above the gumline and act as a protective helmet, or cap, to keep damaged teeth from splitting and crumbling.

Rebuild a Worn Bite

Chronic teeth grinding will result in short teeth that are worn down and sensitive. Worn teeth may not come together correctly, making it difficult to chew and causing jaw problems. Dental crowns can restore the shape of your teeth and rebuild a worn bite, reducing sensitivity by covering exposed dentin that is close to the nerve. An added bonus is that teeth will look normal again.

Improve Appearance of Teeth

Discoloration and misshapen teeth can throw off the appearance of your entire smile. While teeth whitening is an option for typical stains on teeth, deep stains and medicinal discoloration do not respond well to topical whitening systems. Covering the tooth with a tooth-colored crown made of durable porcelain or ceramic will improve the shade.

Misshapen teeth can benefit from crowns to provide a uniform appearance to the smile. Veneers are another option for front teeth that look out of place.

To learn more about dental crowns in Lake Worth, give us a call. We are always happy to discuss the options that will provide you with a healthy, attractive smile.

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