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3 Signs That You Might Need a Root Canal

Diagram of Root of the Tooth | Lake Worth FL Dentist

Few procedures are more dreaded than root canal treatment. You will be happy to know that we can perform this tooth-saving procedure comfortably right here in our Lake Worth, FL dental office.

You Have Pain and Swelling

Pain, pressure, and swelling often indicate an infection. Swelling can occur on the gums near the tooth, in the jaw, or even in the face. Often it feels worse when you lie down or first wake up in the morning. In some rare instances, a severely infected tooth can actually be life-threatening.

It’s best to contact Palms Dental Care at the first sign of a problem so that we can get you feeling healthy again.

Your Tooth ...

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Broken Tooth? Problem Solved!

Man With Toothache | Dentist Lake Worth FL

You are enjoying a relatively soft snack, like a burrito or a bagel and suddenly, you notice that part of your tooth has broken off. You might find it in your mouth, or you may have already swallowed it. What made this happen? Especially with something soft like a bagel or a piece of bread?

Fractures Can Exist Long before Your Tooth Breaks

A small fracture may develop in your tooth, but the tooth stays intact until it can no longer withstand the force from chewing. Then a part of the tooth breaks away leaving a jagged edge to irritate your tongue. It may hurt, but if the break doesn’t affect the ...

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How Properly Fitting Dentures Protect Your Oral Health

Various Dentures | Dentures in Lake Worth FL

When you make an investment, it is nice to have a guarantee that your purchase will pay off. The same is true for dentistry and one of the most common ways to replace teeth – dentures. If you spend money on your new dentures and grow accustomed to eating the foods you love, you might wonder how long you can expect them to last.

Dentures last a long time, but not forever. Some people can have the same set of dentures for 5-8 years, which is what we hope for when designing your smile. Some factors can affect denture fit and may decrease their usefulness over time.

Factors That Can Affect Denture Fit

Changes ...

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Holiday and New Years Wishes from us to you!

Dental Team | Lake Worth Dentists

Happy Holidays to our Palms Dental Care family!
It has been wonderful sharing the 2017 year with you all and we are so excited for all the 2018 year has to bring.
We are pleased to announce we have selected our Holiday Smile Makeover candidates!
Thank you all for your nominations and stay tuned for announcement of our lucky winner!
We wish each and everyone of you a happy and healthy new year!

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How Dental Implants Improve Denture Fit

Dental Implants Lake Worth FL

Advertisements and information about dental implants are popping up on local television and radio shows regularly these days, but if you already have dentures, you may overlook them as something that is not an option for you. Dr. Kyle Kromrey offers edentulous patients an opportunity to enjoy the stability of dental implants without having to replace every tooth with a dental implant.

How Implant-Supported Dentures Work

Implant-supported dentures rely on 2-6 dental implants to lock dentures in place using either a bar lock or ball lock. This stabilizes dentures and makes it possible to eat a greater variety of foods without dentures slipping or falling loose.

You can remove implant-supported dentures at home ...

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End of Year Benefits - Use them or lose them!

Dentist Lake Worth FL

To our dental insurance policy holders! 

The end of the year is fast approaching. Have you made the most of your dental benefits?  If you have any benefits remaining, there’s still time to use them before you lose them! 

Dental Cleanings

From cleanings to cavity ...

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Dental Bridges Bridge the Gap in Your Smile

Dental Bridges Lake Worth FL

Losing natural teeth can leave you feeling like your smile is not as attractive as it used to be, but did you know that your remaining teeth may shift and create additional dental conditions?

Misaligned bite – When teeth shift, it can cause teeth to come together incorrectly. A misaligned bite can lead to sensitivity, premature wear, and cause jaw-related conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD.

Periodontal disease – Shifting teeth may expose roots, which can feel sensitive when brushing or when exposed to cold drinks or foods. Additionally, the bone that once supported your tooth may diminish because the tooth’s root is no longer present to stimulate healthy bone. ...

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