Tooth-Colored Fillings in Lake Worth, FL

Family at beach | Dentist Lake Worth FLTooth-colored fillings are the only type of fillings we have at Palms Dental Care. They are made of resin composite and come in many different shades to match the existing tooth structure. When your filling is done, it is difficult to tell that you even have a filling in your tooth. They can be done very conservatively so only the affected portion of the tooth is removed and replaced.

Why Fillings Are Done

Fillings are done for many reasons, but mostly due to caries (decay). Decay is when the teeth are broken down by bacteria in your mouth. When plaque (food particles) is left on the teeth for extended periods of time, the bacteria in your mouth feed off of it and produce acids, which soften the teeth. The term “cavity” is when a hole forms in the tooth from this process. If allowed to continue, it will result in pain, infection, or even loss of the tooth. If caught early, a dental filling can be done where the decay is removed and filling placed. Fillings can also be done to repair broken parts of teeth, improve esthetics, and close spaces.

Do Fillings Hurt?

Woman's Smile | Dentist Lake Worth FLAt Palms Dental Care, we make fillings as comfortable as they can possibly be. However, there are certain feelings that are typical of the filling process. The first one may be a very slight pinch when the anesthetic is given. It is gone in an instant. Then you don’t feel anything during the procedure. 

Later, after the anesthetic wears off, sensitivity may be felt to temperature (ice water, ice cream, etc.) or biting. This is in about 25 percent of teeth. It usually lasts for about 1-2 days then goes away. Infrequently, a tooth can react poorly to having work done and you may experience more intense sensitivity or pain that can only be improved by nerve removal (root canal therapy). This is unusual but is a possibility for anyone.  

You may also experience prolonged biting discomfort that can last for months and then eventually dissipate. This is also unusual and is caused by inflammation that won’t go away.

Filling Process

  • Topical anesthetic placed and allowed to soak in
  • Local anesthetic injection is given to numb the tooth/teeth and given time to work
  • Decay is cleaned out of teeth very conservatively
  • Tooth is filled, smoothed, and bite is checked carefully
  • You wait to eat/chew/bite until anesthetic has worn off to avoid biting soft tissues of the mouth.

Silver (Amalgam) Fillings

Silver fillings are metal fillings and were the standard fillings material for a very long time. They last for many years. They are still done in some dental offices today. They do not need to be replaced unless there is a problem with the tooth or filling. 

The typical problems associated with silver fillings are decay around filling, spaces between filling and tooth, crumbling filling, fracturing tooth structure around filling, undesirable aesthetics. In these cases, it may be recommended to replace them with either a filling or crown depending on the size of existing filling.

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