TeethXpress, All-on-Four, Teeth-in-a-Day in Lake Worth, FL


Palms Dental Care is a primary South Florida provider of TeethXpress.

Actual TeethXpress Patient

                                                                   What is TeethXpress?

                                           Permanent Teeth      No Temporaries

                   The most advanced teeth replacement solution in the world

TeethXpress™ is a procedure where all the upper and/or lower teeth are replaced with permanent, highly aesthetic new teeth supported by dental implants. The teeth are secured in place over dental implants and can only be removed by the dental office. Some other names for this procedure include All-On-Four, Pro-Arch, and Teeth In A Day. Many patients prefer this treatment because a temporary removable appliance is generally not needed during the healing phase. And now, not even fixed temporaries are needed. You can receive your permanent teeth in just 48 hours.This is an advanced procedure that requires planning, skilled surgery, and optimal restorative care. 



What Are the Steps for TeethXpress™?

(1) This procedure is usually discussed when someone is facing loss of all teeth in the top and/or bottom jaws. At the first visit to Palms Dental Care, a comprehensive exam, full mouth series of films, panorex (type of x-ray that shows jaws), and/or CT scan and complete health history will be taken. All of this information including patient desires and other teeth replacement options will be discussed in detail. All considerations including timing, health, and finances will be discussed.

(2) If TeethXpress is chosen as the desired treatment, the next visit we call a smile design visit where impressions, photos, and measurements are taken to help with treatment planning and communication with our lab. 

(3) The patient presents for surgery. The remaining bad teeth are removed and replaced with 5-6 dental implants per arch. Healing covers are place over the implants. The patient can leave with an optional set of temporary teeth.

(4) The patient returns in a 48 hours time period to have their brand new smile inserted and made permanent. 

(5) A post-op visit is completed about 1 week later to check health, function, and healing. You are off to a new start in life!



Why is Palms Dental Care an Excellent Provider for this Service?

Palms Dental Care is a unique dental facility that provides general and specialty services in one place.  Procedures like TeethXpress are performed in a private surgical suite where sterility and patient comfort can be maintained throughout the procedure. The restorative dentist (the one makes the teeth) is able to communicate directly with the surgeon, during surgery, in order to make sure the implants are aligned and placed in the ideal positions for optimal function and esthetics of the final teeth. The surgeon Dr. Daniel Noorthoek, is one of the most experienced surgeons in the nation for this procedure. He performs one to two of these surgeries every day, every week.This much experience and skill is crucial in providing the greatest long term success. in addition, Palms Dental Care is able to provide this procedure in a way that 99% of other offices in the nation cannot yet provide. We have the ability to provide patients with permanent teeth (no temporaries), in just 48 hours. This is very important, because what people don't realize is that when they have this done elsewhere, they will receive temporary teeth, and then after 3 months of healing will have to go through 6-9 additional visits in order to get their permanent teeth. This is the most advanced teeth replacement solution in the world!


How Does Someone Qualify for this Procedure?

Health and optimal healing are our primary concerns. Any uncontrolled systemic condition (i.e. uncontrolled diabetes) is a contraindication to this procedure. All health aspects with be considered at the consultation appointment.

Timeline for Day of Procedure


Complimentary Consult/Exam and Any Necessary X-rays

If you want to learn more about TeethXpress™, contact our Lake Worth, FL dental practice! We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Our entire team looks forward to welcoming you.