Teeth Whitening in Lake Worth, FL

Woman Getting Her Teeth Whitened | Dentist Lake Worth FLTeeth whitening is an aesthetic procedure in which the enamel shade is lightened by applying a percentage of either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide gel and allowing it to remove a superficial stain from the tooth surface. This requires a certain amount of exposure time on the teeth depending on the strength of the gel and method of application. Whitening as recommended is not bad for your teeth and gums. In fact, the ingredients help to decrease plaque and bacteria that cause gingivitis and lead to gum disease.

The most common methods of applying this gel include In-office bleaching, bleaching trays, and strips from the store.

What to Expect with Teeth Whitening

The degree to which your teeth whiten varies for every person. Some teeth with light, superficial stain from substances like coffee, tea, and smoking, usually respond well. Stains from silver fillings, or yellow root structure is much more difficult to whiten. Your dental professional at Palms Dental Care can review expected results with you.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Before and After | Cosmetic Dentist Lake Worth FL In-office bleaching will usually result in the most dramatic shade difference. In-office whitening is great for people who have a special event coming up in a few days or week and left their teeth to the last minute. You present to the office, spend about 45 minutes in the chair with an assistant and walk out with a brighter smile. We always take a before-and-after picture to record the difference in shade.

Something worth discussing is that teeth are slightly dehydrated when you leave and the shade will appear much whiter. Over the next day or so, they will completely re-hydrate and will gain a small amount of color warmth back. So the pros for in-office whitening are that it is quick and results are pleasing. Cons are that if you want to whiten again, you will either have to re-do the procedure or use another form of whitening.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Take-home whitening trays are clear plastic trays that are made from impressions/models of your teeth. You have impressions taken and can pick up the trays the next day. Generally, it takes about 10-14 days of bleaching, 30 minutes per day, to obtain maximum results. Some benefits of the trays are that they allow you to selectively whiten specific teeth, you can control the amount of gel, and you can "update" whiten over time. This means as you accumulate stain from drinks and foods in the future, you just add some gel to the trays, pop them back in for 30 minutes and you have whiter teeth.

Controlling the amount of gel is easy with trays and leads to less sensitivity of the gums and teeth because there is no excess gel all over the mouth. If one tooth is responding better than the next, you can add gel over the one tooth only until it is whiter. So there are many pros to whitening trays. The cons would only be that it is not as instant as in-office whitening and takes some effort on your part to use them.

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening

Store-bought white strips are thin strips of plastic with whitening gel attached that you place over your teeth. They do work. There are pros and cons. Pros are that they cost a little less. Cons are that they do not cover all the teeth and most stop at the canine area. This means your front teeth are white, but your side and back teeth are not as white. If someone is standing to your side during a conversation this becomes noticeable. In addition, the amount of gel and where it is placed is not controlled. You are not able to selectively whiten stubborn teeth and cannot control the spread of gel throughout your mouth which can lead to more sensitivity of gums and teeth. Furthermore, once the strips are used up you have to buy more, compared to the trays which can be used repeatedly over years.

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