Professional Dental Cleanings in Lake Worth, FL

Woman in Dental Chair | Dentist Lake Worth FLWhy You Need Dental Cleanings

Having regular cleanings with your hygienist is essential to maintaining proper care of your gums and teeth. Even if you brush 2-3 times per day, you will never consistently reach every single spot in your mouth. Your hygienist can get where you can’t. Cleanings are also great for removing stain caused by coffee, smoking, wine, and other factors. The hygienists at Palms Dental Care are experts at both regular (prophy) cleanings and deep (periodontal) cleanings. They are trained to effectively use all the various types of cleaning devices and instruments both around natural teeth and implants to remove build-up and keep your teeth and gums healthy.


Regular professional cleanings, termed prophys, are perfect for people who maintain healthy mouths without periodontal pocketing, bleeding, and moderate inflammation. Brushing twice per day, flossing once, and using a daily mouth rinse can greatly reduce the amount of bacteria that causes plaque and leads to gum disease. Many people now days find Waterpiks (also called water flosser) to be helpful in removing the build-up and food debris. Waterpiks do work well, but are not a replacement for flossing. It should be used only as an adjunct. Your Lake Worth dentist and hygienist can provide valuable and easy ways to take care your mouth on a daily basis.

Individualized CareMan in Dental Chair | Lake Worth FL Dentist

Every person builds up a different amount of plaque and calculus (tartar). Your hygienist and dentist will recommend a specific amount of time in between cleanings to prevent plaque from building up too much. Many people have heard six months in the past. This is a typical amount of time for many people to go in between cleanings. However, it may be necessary to come every 3-4 months. One of the main concerns here is that insurance may not cover the extra cleaning or two. This is true in most cases. Any extra cleanings are usually an out of pocket expense. But think of it this way - it is a lot less costly than treating teeth with fillings or crowns if the damage is done by the plaque. Better to be proactive than reactive if you fall into this category.

Your Preferences for Care

There are different instruments that can be used to clean teeth effectively. At Palms Dental Care we have most types to accommodate patient desires and to achieve the best result. For example, some people may come in and request hand scaling only. Others may come in and request only the Cavitron (ultrasonic scaler). Some people want a combination. Others don't know the difference and the hygienist will choose what they think is best for the patient. Usually, a combination of hand scaling and ultrasonic scaling is necessary to achieve optimum oral health. We also have a prophy jet. This is a special instrument used to remove a heavy stain from teeth. You can think of it like micro-abrasion that the dermatologist does for your face. It just blasts off the unwanted superficial stain from the teeth and leaves the healthy tooth structure. We then polish over this for a nice shiny, healthy look. We do whatever it takes to make you comfortable and give you a healthy smile!

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