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I Had a Root Canal. Now I Need a Crown?

Close Up of crown | Dentist Lake Worth FL

You might be surprised to learn that after a root canal in our Lake Worth dental office, you might also need a dental crown. These extensive efforts can seem heroic and might come at a larger expense than you originally imagined. Saving a natural tooth, however, is typically the best way to protect your oral health and is less expensive than replacing a missing tooth.

Why Root Canal Teeth Deserve a Crown

Typically, people have root canals because they have a serious and often painful infection deep within the tooth near the nerve. Root canal treatment cleans out the damaged tissue and nerve fibers, but because the blood supply is removed, the ...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Fear Root Canal Therapy

Diagram of Root Canal Procedure | Dentist Lake Worth, FL

When considering root canal therapy, choosing a top Lake Worth dentist can make the entire process much more comfortable, efficient, and successful, which is why we invite dental emergencies, especially for patients experience tooth pain.

While most people prefer to avoid root canal therapy, it might be due to an outdated idea that root canal treatment is painful, lengthy, or experimental. Modern root canals are relatively routine procedures and should feel similar to a standard filling.

Here are three reasons to eliminate worry over root canals.

#1 Root Canals Do Not Need to Be Painful

We use modern anesthetic application in the proper dose to ensure you will feel comfortable throughout your procedure. ...

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3 Signs That You Might Need a Root Canal

Diagram of Root of the Tooth | Lake Worth FL Dentist

Few procedures are more dreaded than root canal treatment. You will be happy to know that we can perform this tooth-saving procedure comfortably right here in our Lake Worth, FL dental office.

You Have Pain and Swelling

Pain, pressure, and swelling often indicate an infection. Swelling can occur on the gums near the tooth, in the jaw, or even in the face. Often it feels worse when you lie down or first wake up in the morning. In some rare instances, a severely infected tooth can actually be life-threatening.

It’s best to contact Palms Dental Care at the first sign of a problem so that we can get you feeling healthy again.

Your Tooth ...

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