Same Day Implants Boynton Beach | Facts About Same Day Implants

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Same Day Implants Boynton Beach | Facts About Same Day Implants

How much do you know about same day implants Boynton Beach? Perhaps you have an idea about how important they are for people who struggle with severely damaged or broken teeth. While traditional dental implants can take up a lot of time, same day implants involve immediate placement and loading. In other words, after the tooth is extracted, the implant and temporary crown are placed in position while the patient heals.

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Same Day Implant Facts You Need to Know

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Same Day Implants?

Unfortunately, same day implants are not suitable for every patient. In fact, each case requires an extremely thorough screening process. A good candidate for such a procedure is someone who has sufficient bone quantity and quality, practices great oral hygiene, and is in great dental and overall health. Furthermore, same day implants are not for people who smoke, grind or clench their teeth, take prescription drugs that may increase their risk of bone death after the procedure, and have medical conditions that may negatively influence their body’s ability to heal.

What the Benefits?

What sets same day implants apart from traditional implants is the fact that its treatment time is greatly reduced. Unlike traditional implants that take about six months to a year to complete, same day implants can be used to replace your damaged teeth in just a single visit. In other words, your dentist will extract your tooth, place the implant, and attach the crown on the same day. Your gum tissue will match the permanent crown because of its immediate placement and loading. This implies that you’ll get your desired results while avoiding the need for temporary replacements such as removable dentures. You won’t have to deal with gaps in your smile during your healing period.

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Interested to Know More About Same Day Implants Boynton Beach?

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