Same Day Implants Boynton Beach | What You Need to Know About Same Day Implants

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Same Day Implants Boynton Beach | What You Need to Know About Same Day Implants

The placement of a dental implant often involves a lengthy process. However, thanks to the technological advancement of modern dentistry, a revolutionary change has taken place in the form of same day implants Boynton Beach. With this type of treatment, the patient will not be required to wait for several months and undergo several surgeries to have a dental implant placed. Check out these facts about same day implants Boynton Beach:

What Benefits Do Same Day Implants Offer?

With same day implants, patients can get back to their normal lives faster. It’s the quickest way to achieve your best smile upon losing one or more teeth. In a matter of hours, your facial structure will be restored and you won’t have to miss out on any social gatherings.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Yes – implant failure. With traditional implants, a waiting period that lasts between 2 and 7 months is required to ensure optimum healing until the implant is properly fused into the jawbone. Since less time is required with same day implants, the bonding between the jawbone and the screw may not be made.

How are Same Day Implants Different from Traditional Implants?

Only 4 implants per arch are being used with same day implants while traditional implants can use 8 implants or more on every arch. Furthermore, the implants used in this procedure are placed at a specific angle to allow increased contact as the natural support of the bone is being utilized. Aside from this, same day implants do not require bone grafting procedures for most patients. In case you’re not aware, bone grafting is typical in traditional implant treatment. In other words, same day implants are the more comfortable alternatives that can also cause patients to save money and time.

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Looking for Same Day Implants Boynton Beach?

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