Dentist Lake Worth | Reasons Why Your Tooth Needs to Be Pulled

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Dentist Lake Worth | Reasons Why Your Tooth Needs to Be Pulled

If maintaining your oral health is one of your top priorities, then you’ll need to monitor your teeth for any potential issues. If you won’t skip your regular appointments with your dentist Lake Worth, any signs of danger will be immediately detected and addressed. However, when the tooth in question develops irreversible damage, you’ll have to prepare yourself for a potential tooth extraction. Check out the common reasons why a tooth may need to be pulled.


You know that you’re dealing with an impacted tooth when it grows and shifts into the wrong position. Since an impacted tooth is practically a useless tooth, your dentist will tell you that it needs to be extracted.

Dental Crowding

People who have teeth that are too large for their mouth struggle with a condition called dental crowding. Crowded teeth will ultimately prevent other teeth from erupting. The only way to give your remaining teeth the space they need is to have the dentist perform a tooth extraction.


When your tooth decay has become so extensive that no amount of treatment can be done to save it, or when a tooth has been severely cracked or broken, your dentist will recommend an extraction.


It’s dangerous to leave a decaying tooth unaddressed. Once the infection spreads to the dental pulp chamber within the center of a tooth, there’s a really big chance that the teeth adjacent to the tooth in question will become infected as well. For such cases, the dentist may recommend root canal therapy. However, when these won’t prove effective, the tooth will have to be extracted.

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