Same Day Implants Boynton Beach | The Major Benefits of Same Day Implants

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Same Day Implants Boynton Beach | The Major Benefits of Same Day Implants

Did you know that you can have your missing teeth replaced by natural-looking teeth within a single day? same day implants Boynton Beach aren’t anything like snap-in false teeth or dentures that people in the olden days used to resort to when they want to have their smiles restored. Take a look at the major benefits of these implants.

Seamless Smile in a Matter of Hours

Thanks to recent technological advancements, you can have your missing tooth’s root and crown replicated with minimal disruption. Under normal circumstances, the placement of dental implants up to prosthetic rehabilitation can last for about 3 to 6 months. However, with same day implants, the waiting time is reduced to a day. You’ll walk out of the dental office with a brand-new smile.

Same Day Implants Look Natural

One of the reasons why more patients are coming to the dentist’s office for same day implants is the fact that these replacements look, feel and function like real teeth. In fact, people couldn’t even tell the difference between the implant and the original tooth unless you tell them.

Your Teeth Won’t Dislodge or Slip

Since these implants are inserted directly into your jawbone, you won’t have to worry about them slipping or moving around unlike poorly fitting alternatives like dentures.

Your Jawbone Will Be Preserved

As these implants preserve your facial structure and keep you looking young, they also preserve your remaining jawbone.

They’re Convenient

Compared to dentures which need to be regularly removed for cleaning, you can clean your implants the same way you clean your existing teeth. Plus, they don’t require the use of special creams, glue or adhesives.

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